Sunday, 23 March 2014

If Only..

I am not a fan of mechanics but there is the odd occasion when things go just right. Tonight I needed to drill the 16 holes for the VTB2291 transformers mentioned in the last post. I discovered I could set them two inches apart and start 3 inches from one end of the panel. Fortunately the ears of the transformer have slots rather than holes so you don't need to be dead on with the positioning of the holes - got to be a good thing with my mechanical skills. I marked it all out with a ruler and a Sharpie and whacked each intersection with my trusty hole punch. I then placed a transformer at each position to make sure all the punch marks lined up with the slots in the transformer mountings and then drilled sixteen 4mm holes. I de-burred them on both sides with my old three eighths inch drill and attached the transformers using a locking nut on each to make sure they held firm. Job done in less than an hour. If only all mechanics were that straightforward. Here's the result, ready to be wired up:

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